18 Đường 14, KDC Phú Mỹ, Phú Mỹ, Q 7, HCM

This is the first time I have worked with Gia Su SV Center so I feel not only nervous but also scared when I apply the tutorial job in this place. So why I feel scared? That’s a common question everyone asked me when I told them about my second employment. I feel scared because nowadays, there are so many companies and centers tell a lie about they can offer you a lightweight job with high wages. A large amount of people lost their money for easily believing in what these corporations said. However, Gia Su SV center is a reliable place for everybody want to work with stable salary and suitable time. Although you have to pay fee for the class you apply, you can get a refund when you don’t have the ability to take that class because of some individual reasons. Ms. Phuong and Mr. Nhut are two leaders of this center whom I’ve met recently, they are really caring and enthusiastic in helping me arrange the schedule of my  class and reply me immediately whenever I need help or wonder something. I certainly can learn a lot from this tutorial job and from the way Ms. Phuong and Mr. Nhut take care of their customers and their members.